Top 10 Things That Devalue Your House


Interior Aesthetics

If you manage to lure potential buyers into your home, they'll quickly take note of several things. Is the house cluttered with your possessions? Are there pictures of your family adorning every wall? Is the home dusty and dimly lit? These issues are easily remedied, but if you don't find the time to take care of them, your home will probably have trouble selling for your asking price.

A fresh interior paint job is a good idea too, although again, don't get too wacky. Odd colors, weird wallpaper and bad flooring are likely to look like a headache to potential buyers, rather than selling points. If your home is lacking in storage space, that also may be a point of contention. Warm and inviting -- and not overly lived in -- are what you're going for.

Before a showing, be sure to store stuff and clean up. You want people to envision themselves in a sparkling new home, not somebody's leftover abode.