Top 10 Things That Devalue Your House


A Kitschy Kitchen

Homebuyers can spend a lot of time considering prospective new kitchens.
Homebuyers can spend a lot of time considering prospective new kitchens.
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Once a potential homebuyer gets inside, one of the rooms he or she will examine most carefully is the kitchen. Because of this, people often consider it a good move to remodel and renovate their kitchens -- but they meet with different levels of success. Two reasons for only ho-hum success for this is that a homeowner may personalize a remodel too much, or go too high-end with it. Installing a huge stovetop grill might be just what a fellow avid carnivore is looking for, but what about a vegetarian or someone who doesn't like to cook? That person won't be interested in compensating you for the value of that addition.

Some renovations in the kitchen that typically meet with more success include the sink, countertops and cabinets. A sparkling new sink and modern cabinet design can really make people take notice. But if areas like your countertops or backsplash are outdated or stained, it can definitely detract from the value of your kitchen. Think of it this way: People really don't want constant reminders of past occupants in a home they buy, so if you've made any significant marks, you'll want to start erasing them pronto.

While a kitchen remodel can be challenging, if you take it step-by-step, it's a project you usually can accomplish on your own. On the flip side, if you're not exactly handy around a hammer or drill, you better call in a professional to get the job done. Getting quality improvements in the kitchen can really add some value to your home; paying for poorly done repairs and renovations will only burn a hole in your wallet.

After the buyers finish their examination of the kitchen, where are they likely headed to next? One of the other crucial rooms that can make or break a home's value is the bathroom, so let's hope they like what they see. Find out more on the next page.