5 Annuals for the Northeast

Marigolds thrive in the northeast. See more pictures of annuals.

­Aside from the occasional harsh winter, the climate of the Northeastern United States is pretty mild. In fact, following the last frost, the Northeast has a climate that's agreeable to a number of beautiful annuals. The most popular of these will come as no surprise to those who spend a good amount ­of time in their gardens. Even those who spend little to no time gardening will most likely have heard these names before.

The truth is, there are a certain number of annuals that are popular all over the world and those same annuals are popular in the Northeast. The list is made up of what we might call the "all stars" of the annual family: pansies, geraniums, snapdragons, impatiens and marigolds.

Almost all of these flowers are known for their wide array of vibrant colors. They have beautifully large flower heads, and some are known for their pleasant fragrances. The only flower on the list that doesn't fit into either of these generalities is the marigold. Its color is right in the name and its scent is rather pungent.­

­With their overwhelming popularity, any of these annuals can be picked up at your local nursery or gardening center, but for the gardener who wishes to get a little dirty, they can also be sown from seeds.

Some need large amounts of sunlight while others can thrive in shaded areas. They all require moist, well-draining soil, and when it comes to watering, moderation is the key. Most of these flowers need to be watered regularly, but over-watering can damage them easily.

Annuals should be planted following the last frost of the year. To get a jump on the flowering most of them require being seeded six to eight weeks before the date of the last frost. Annuals grown and cared for correctly can be a beautiful addition to any garden, adding beautiful colors and pleasant scents.