10 Things a Home Inspection Doesn't Cover

Your idea and his idea of a thorough job may be completely different. See more pictures of real estate.

A home inspection is a wonderful thing. You'll definitely rest easier knowing your new home is in relatively good shape. The only problem is that your new home is someone else's old home. An old owner's peculiarities and quirks may land you with a charming garden -- or a magenta bedroom wall that'll take four coats of paint to banish for good.

The fact that the home has been around a few years could lead to problems, too. A home inspection will go over major systems, but it's mostly a visual inspection and not an in-depth examination. This is real estate speak for "proceed with caution." In fact, why not strap on your work boots and accompany the inspector on his rounds? Another set of eyes couldn't hurt. There are more than a few things that the inspector won't be looking for.