10 Things to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home


Start Fresh

Another great way to take advantage of your still-empty abode is to give it a deep clean. It could use it, especially if you've followed the pest control advice from the previous page. Cleaning the floors, baseboards and windows will never be this easy again -- you'll have unhindered access to everything. Think about it: no curtains to take down, no rugs or furniture to move. And don't stop there. You can wipe down all the countertops, shelves and drawers -- replacing shelf paper if necessary. Run a phantom load in the dishwasher and washing machine, clean out the oven if it needs it, and don't forget the refrigerator and freezer. If possible, hire a cleaning service to help you get it all done. If you aren't able to do the cleaning prior to unloading the moving van, hiring a cleaning service will be even more helpful.