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Hand Drill

A hand drill is often overshadowed by the more popular power drill, but is still useful for applications such as woodworking. Learn more.

Tool Guide

The tool guide gives important information about choosing and using the right tool for the job. Find the tool guide at TLC Home.

Plumbing Tools

Some plumbing projects require specialized tools to complete the job. Read about these plumbing tools and how to use them.

Electrical Tools

Testers are used to confirm and measure the flow of electricity through a circuit. Learn about electrical tools that test and clean circuits.

Home Repair Tools

Successful home improvement projects require the right home repair tools. Learn about the different kinds of home repair tools you can choose.

House Painting Tools

Different painting tools are right for different projects. Learn to choose among house painting tools, and create a lasting paint job.

Top 10 Green Tools

Some homeowners are opting for green tools to lower their electricity usage and stop stressing the power grid. Learn more about green tools.

Must-have Power Tools

Power tool pictures help you identify the different types power tools. See pictures of power tools and learn what you can use them for.

10 Cool Tools

Unlike the hammers and chisels collecting cobwebs in garages everywhere, these high-tech tools have worked on everything from revolving water slides to boxing robots.

Stain Removal Tools

Stain removal tools should be near at hand in order to treat stains and spots when they occur. Learn about the tools you need to remove stains fast.

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