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10 Ways to Use Your Vertical Space

Don't let your walls go to waste!
Don't let your walls go to waste!

If your living quarters are getting cramped, it's only natural to look around for new places to stuff your stuff. Live anywhere long enough, and you'll run out of room; it's a law of nature. Cars have trunks for the very purpose of making it easy to accumulate appliances, accessories, craft items, décor elements (not yet installed), apparel and any number of sports, entertainment, kid-related, pet-friendly and green essentials. Is it any wonder that people are adding outdoor rooms to their homes and investing in cute baby-barn storage sheds? Before you add a new room to your house, though, take a look up instead of out to see if you can employ some underutilized vertical space for your storage needs and even a few of your design ideas, too.

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