Beer Bottles
Wall of beer bottles

Put all those empty beer and soda bottles to good use -- recycle them into the walls of a new home!


Want an eco-friendly way to get rid of those empties after a party? Tito Ingenieri built his Quilmes, Argentina, home out of 6 million empty glass bottles. He sets the bottles in concrete to create a light, airy space that's a testament to the amount of empty bottles that go to waste. Friends and neighbors have saved their bottles for Ingenieri over a period of more than 19 years, and he says that his home "doesn't belong to me, but to many people in this town. They say this is an ecological house, as it is made of bottles from the street, and now the streets are clean" [source: Alvarado].

While you may not want to spend years gathering (or drinking from) enough bottles to build a home, you can start smaller with a bottle shed or garden wall.