Window Treatment Ideas

An oblong wreath of eucalyptus leaves and dried flowers tied with a bright red bow calls attention to this kitchen's sliding French doors.

Pure and Simple

Window treatments don't have to be elaborate and dressy. Pure and simple window treatments are often the best kind to dress windows. Windows, especially those in a more private part of the house such as the kitchen, don't have to be adorned with swaths of fabric yardage or view-blocking blinds to be well-dressed. A handsome, hands-off treatment, with a full complement of variations, is a testament to the idea of simplicity.

Left as unaltered as possible, with the entire window frame and all lights fully exposed, windows in the kitchen are free to accomplish their most important function: admitting as much natural light as possible, showering the room in sparkling sunshine. One of several organic accents at the window is enough to give it a dressed look--a planter pulled up to the windowsill as an indoor window box, an above-the-window garland of dried flowers, or a dried wreath centered above French doors.

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