Cactus Care

Fertilizing Cactus Plants

Rebutias are good indoor bloomers that prefer heavy soil with excellent drainage.

Old and well-established plants that are actively growing can benefit occasionally from a dilute liquid fertilizer -- cactus and succulent plants are no exception.

Since each plant is different, research should be done before fertilizing your plant. The plant’s origin will usually give you a good indication of its fertilizing requirements.


For example, succulents are accustomed to having it tough. If you aren't sure they can use help, don't fertilize.

If you are growing your succulents warm and wet, they will need more fertilizer, but use restraint.

Occasionally, cacti and succulents may become afflicted by a variety of pests or diseases. In the next section, learn about what types of pests and diseases can attack your plant and how to deal with these problems.

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