Garden Types

An annuals garden is full of flowers all season long. See more pictures of annual flowers.

Specialized gardens can have an assortment of themes: some gardeners cultivate alpine plants in a craggy rock garden, while others prefer the tranquility of a water garden with its aquatic plants and fish. Whatever your gardening interests (and your landscape's needs), there's a garden type that's right for you.

Learn everything you need to know about creating and caring for the different garden types.


Rock Gardens

A successful rock garden mimicks an alpine mountainside, complete with rough-hewn rocks, mountain flowers and foliage, and perhaps even a waterfall. Rock gardens are perfect for sloped areas in your lawn that would be hard to mow if covered with grass.

Rose Gardens

Everyone's favorite flower has inspired gardeners and poets alike for centuries. It's no wonder so many gardeners devote entire gardens to cultivating this delicate yet stunning plant. With so many colors and types of roses to choose from, you can find the right roses to suite any tastes.

Shade Gardens

Some areas of your yard just can't escape the shade. In northern exposures or under the shelter of a large shade tree, many flowers and grass just won't thrive. Fear not -- there are many shade-loving flowers, vines, and ground covers for gardeners to choose from, brightening up those shadowy spots.

Water Gardens

There was a time when installing a water garden was an expensive and complicated procedure requiring professional expertise. New materials have changed the landscape for water gardens -- using flexible liners or preformed pool, anyone can plan and plant their own water garden.

Herb Gardens

Gardeners and cooks can combine their hobbies in an herb garden. Many common cooking herbs, both perennials and annuals, are easy to grow out in the garden or in window planters. Next time you're whipping up a batch of pesto or herbed chicken, your home-grown herbs will be ready to go.

Container Gardening

Container gardens are perfect for beginning gardeners and for small spaces. You can grow a mix of flowers and foliage in containers. Or you can devote a container to herbs or specialty plants such as roses or orchids.

Bulb Gardens

Bulb flowers require some maintenance, but they reward your efforts with stunning spring flowers. Divide bulbs at the end of their blooming cycle to get them ready for next year's show.

Annual Gardens

Annual gardens burst forth with flowers from spring until fall. Plant annuals if you want lots of non-stop color in your garden. With some deadheading, weeding, and the usual watering, you can keep your annuals healthy and happy.

Perennial Gardens

Perennials add beauty to your garden year after year, returning from one spring to the next with flowers and greenery. Perennials generally bloom just once during the growing season, but some can also be planted for their decorative leaves.


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