Cabin Decor Ideas

New Becomes Old Again

An array of different looks fits under the umbrella of lodge style. In the entryway guarded by a carved Native American brave, an Arts & Crafts-style pendant light shines on a Southwestern-style bench and a collection of snowshoes.

A cherished log cabin glows with years of love and fond memories of time spent away from everyday cares. With the right cabin decor, even a new log cabin, like this one, can boast a well-loved feel.

The key is to layer architectural features, furnishings, and accessories. This home's balcony, with its pole railings, recalls grand old lodges like the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park.

A truly great room brings people together in one place for dining and living. Here, multiple seating areas allow guests to read in a plump chair by the fire or play cards at a round table.

A heavy ceiling truss looks as old as a medieval cathedral. Hickory twig furniture takes its cue from rustic, north woods style, yet the home is spacious and comfortable enough to suit today's tastes.

By day, you may rough it in the great outdoors, but at night, this master bedroom offers luxurious comfort. A romantic fireplace and layers of downy bedding ensure sweet dreams.

A key benefit of this layered decor is that it lends warmth to the home -- warmth that feels as if it has accumulated over time.

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