Construction Materials

Construction materials have evolved in great ways over the years. Instead of using asbestos when building, people now use recycled materials. Construction materials are important to our safety because they're what hold the industrial world together.

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5 Tools That Are a Must for a Builder's Toolbox

There are many tools that builders find useful, but only a few of them are absolutely critical. What tools are essential to get the job done?

How is ceramic tile made?

Ceramic tile may spruce up your kitchen, but this material is more than just a pretty face. How does clay get transformed into something so strong and useful?

How is concrete made?

Whether you've been eyeing a new kitchen countertop or a pair of boots for your arch mobster rival, concrete has many applications. What's the recipe for this durable, ubiquitous substance?

How Radiant Floor Heating Works

It's been preferred in Europe since the 1970s, but can radiant floor heating help with your allergies and get you a good night's sleep? Why would it make you toss your snow shovel?

How Low-VOC Paint Works

Some people like to eat paste. Others like the smell of gasoline or even paint. Whatever your chemical predilection is, it's not good for you, and paint is no exception.