Construction Materials

Construction materials have evolved in great ways over the years. Instead of using asbestos when building, people now use recycled materials. Construction materials are important to our safety because they're what hold the industrial world together.


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How Marmoleum Works

Linoleum has something of a reputation for being old-fashioned and drab. But brands such as Marmoleum are proving that the material can be eco-friendly and fun, too.

What is considered the premium type of carpet pad?

Flat rubber has long been considered the premium carpet pad. Learn how premium carpet padding works in this article.

Just how dangerous are VOCs in paint?

The smell of paint usually gives away the fact that you're probably breathing in something that's bad for your health. But you might not know just how right your nasal signals are. How dangerous are the VOCs in paint?

10 Things to Consider when Buying House Paint

Whether you've bought a new house or just need a change, the most dramatic impact you can make is in the color of the walls. What are some important things to consider before you head out to purchase house paint?

What types of insulation can help keep your house warm?

There are many materials you can use to insulate your home. Learn what types of insulation can keep your house warm in this article.

What building materials last the longest?

Depending on your resources and what and where you're building, your options for long-lasting building materials are wood, brick, stone, concrete and steel. Learn about what types of building materials last the longest in this article.

Is there radon in your kitchen?

While granite countertops do contain radon, they're no more dangerous than the heavy metals in concrete countertops. Learn about whether there's radon in your kitchen in this article.

10 Materials Keeping Your House Warm

Most of us know that a house must have a well-insulated building envelope to be structurally sound. But we may not know how important this shell really is. These are 10 types of insulation that can protect your home.

How Acoustic Ventilation Works

Most of us are aware of the dangers of outside air pollution, but not many know that indoor air pollution levels can be as much as five times greater than outside. Ventilation can help combat the poor air quality, but how can we keep it quiet?

5 Long-lasting Building Materials

Construction has come a long way from the mud huts or canvas tents early man. But what materials should be used to keep that roof securely over our heads?

How do I dispose of my construction waste without bruising my environmental conscience?

You've probably heard the green mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Those three actions aren't limited to your kitchen trash; they can be applied to renovations, too.

When is using untreated lumber better?

If you're building something out of wood, you're going to have to choose between treated and untreated lumber. Which one is better?

Metal vs. Steel: Is There a Difference?

The terms metal and steel are constantly used in the same capacity but are they really the same?

How Rubber Roofs Work

One of the most dreaded projects for homeowners is roof repair. If you're looking for an alternative to the exhausting process of roof repair and maintenance with asphalt shingles, you may want to consider rubber roofing.

What are the most used exterior house colors?

The house is looking a bit drab these days. So, you're thinking about sprucing it up. A new coat of paint, or hey, a whole new color might do the trick. But how can you make the best decision possible when choosing that new color?

Do gutter guards work?

You'd love to quit climbing up on your rickety ladder to clean your gutters. Are gutter guards the answer?

How Formica Works

If you've ever wondered about the Formica countertops in your kitchen or bath -- or the laminate that tops tables and furniture -- this article is for you.

How Granite Countertops Work

Tough, wear-resistant granite has long been one of the most popular choices for countertops. You should probably think twice before installing it yourself, though.

How Roofing Materials Work

When you think of a metal roof, you think of a dilapidated lean-to with a corrugated tin roof. Today roofs are usually made of an asphalt/fiberglass combination or wood shingles.

How Stamped Concrete Works

Stamped concrete is dyed, altered and shaped to resemble other construction materials -- like brick, flagstone, tile and wood.

How Quikrete Works

Whether you're repairing concrete structures or coating surfaces, Quikrete products can be a simple and inexpensive solution.

What are fireplace inserts?

Blazing fireplaces make things cozy and warm - but they're not very energy-efficient. Fireplace inserts will save you money and time.

Concrete or granite -- which is the better countertop?

To most house hunters, granite means luxury and elegance. Concrete, on the other hand, is edgy, trendy and infinitely adaptable. So in terms of looks, durability and safety, which countertop is better?

How Concrete Roofs Work

The Big, Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants, but he'll never blow one of these roofs off. Could a concrete roof protect you from violent storms (and wolves), or will it make your walls buckle?

How Structural Insulated Panels Work

If you've ever seen a house being built, you probably saw a wooden latticework of spindly 2x4s outlining a shape somewhat reminiscent of a whale's ribcage. But there's another way to build a house, and it could save you a lot of money.