Construction is happening all around the world. Construction may bother people but without it, none of the world's great cities would exist. Gain an appreciation for construction by learning about the planning, materials and projects involved.

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People in the market for new homes usually have their eyes on key features during the search for their perfect potential abodes: location, space, a pretty yard. Others look for the green factor -- something Enertia Building Systems may provide.

By Jessika Toothman

It's been preferred in Europe since the 1970s, but can radiant floor heating help with your allergies and get you a good night's sleep? Why would it make you toss your snow shovel?

By Charles W. Bryant

Some people like to eat paste. Others like the smell of gasoline or even paint. Whatever your chemical predilection is, it's not good for you, and paint is no exception.

By Jennifer Horton


Remember the story of the little pig who built a straw house, only to have the big, bad wolf huff and puff and blow it down? Nowadays, that pig would have a sturdy, energy-efficient home.

By Molly Edmonds

The Energy Star program helps cut down on the energy drain from computers and home appliances. But how much energy do Energy Star products save? And how much money will they save you?

By Tiffany Connors

Let's say you're building a house. You want to "build green," but where do you start? Most likely, you'll turn to LEED.

By Tiffany Connors

"Green" is one of the hottest buzzwords in construction. Proponents say green building is environmentally friendly -- and also healthier and more cost-efficient.

By Tiffany Connors


It seems simple enough -- a skylight is a window in your roof. But skylights do more than just light up your room. They can have a profound affect on your mood, too.

By John Fuller

Whether you've been eyeing a new kitchen countertop or a pair of boots for your arch mobster rival, concrete has many applications. What's the recipe for this durable, ubiquitous substance?

By Robert Lamb

The Big, Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants, but he'll never blow one of these roofs off. Could a concrete roof protect you from violent storms (and wolves), or will it make your walls buckle?

By Robert Lamb

Driving up next to a limousine with dark tinted windows can make you wonder if there's an actor or athlete inside. While they're usually looking for privacy, the same tints are being applied to home windows -- but for very different reasons.

By Jessica Brown


Tough, wear-resistant granite has long been one of the most popular choices for countertops. You should probably think twice before installing it yourself, though.

By Richard Winter

If you've installed a replacement door or two around your home, it seems pretty simple -- all it takes is tightening a couple of screws and you're done. Installing the largest door in your house, however, is not quite so simple.

By Sarah Siddons

With energy bills on the rise, homeowners are looking for new ways to use less power around the house. A cutting-edge window technology called the "smart window" allows consumers to fully or partially block light by turning a knob or pressing a button.

By Kevin Bonsor

How to mount a solar panel in 7 steps. Learn how to mount a solar panel in 7 steps with this article.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green


If you read any home design magazines or Web sites, you know that the biggest projects are often in the kitchen. These days, homeowners are more interested in incorporating green living into this area, and they often start with the countertops.

By Kim Williamson & Chris Opfer

Sure, industrial and residential construction share some common traits. But in the grand scheme of things, the two fields are about as different as, well, night and day.

By John Perritano

Even Michelangelo had to deal with efflorescence -- white deposits that appear on masonry -- while painting the Sistine Chapel. What causes this unsightly problem, and how can you address it if it shows up on the surfaces of your home?

By John Kelly

As steel framing becomes more common in modern homes, DIY homeowners are facing new decorating challenges. We'll dish on everything from drilling through metal to drywall anchors in this article.

By Gerlinda Grimes


Adobe construction is one of the oldest building techniques known to man, but why is it now one of the hottest modern housing trends?

By Linda C. Brinson