Airless Sprayers

By: Fix-It Club
An airless sprayer is a fast and efficient way of putting paint on a surface.
Fix-It Club

For small painting jobs around the home, an airless spray painter makes sense because it is less expensive to buy than a separate air compressor and spray painter.

An airless paint sprayer uses a small electrical pump motor that forces paint through a small hole or orifice to beak it up into a fine spray. The shape of the spray cone can be adjusted for various patterns to match the job. Parts of the typical airless sprayer include the electric pump, power cord, handle, on/off trigger switch, paint nozzle, spray controller and paint container. Some airless sprayers draw paint through a tube from a paint bucket or can instead of an attached paint container.


Refer to operating instructions included with the sprayer to use it properly. High-pressure sprayers can be more dangerous than those with smaller hydraulic pumps. With the sprayer cord unplugged, remove the attached paint container and pour in the paint; sprayers without attached containers run the tube directly to the paint can. Practice painting on scrap wood or other surface to adjust the spray cone and your technique. For even coverage, spray from side to side overlapping the edge. For even application, move your hand parallel to the surface rather than in an arc.

Maintaining an airless sprayer requires careful cleaning of all components before the paint can dry. Be especially careful to thoroughly clean the paint nozzle. Refer to instructions on the paint can to learn how best to clean sprayers and brushes.


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