Window Treatment Ideas

Free-Flowing Fabrics

Weighted where it touches the floor, a single piece of striped fabric in a rich jewel tone extends over the top of a metal rod to form a swag with side panels.

Nobody ever said curtains had to hang from rods in fixed fashion. One of the newest currents in window treatment design, and one that promises to be long-lasting, calls for the drapery ideas of old to shake off their rigid structure for one that's fluid and spontaneous.

This fresh look isn't exclusive to windows in contemporary or eclectic spaces, though it's a natural for these decors. The idea of a loosely draped fabric is as ancient as Rome, which explains the classic look this window treatment imparts. With a curtain fabric rising up from the floor to a rod, draping over the rod in a gentle swag and perhaps draping over again before falling back to the floor in a second side panel, the treatment is, in fact, the definitive drapery. Dressed up in fine fabric and fringed braid, the free-flowing drapery coexists harmoniously with the most elegant traditional furnishings. Left without embellishment in a clean, white fabric, the drapery suggests a contemporary sensibility.

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