10 Quick Tips for Removing Stains from Clothing

Grass Stains

Nothing sucks the fun out of a pickup baseball game quite like an unsightly grass stain. If you cringe at the thought of your kids roughhousing in the yard because of the work you'll have to put into their clothes afterwards, worry no more. Grass stains aren't as invincible as they seem.

One of the coolest ways to get grass stains out involves a product we all have – toothpaste! Grass stains on clothes can be removed with an old toothbrush and plain white toothpaste; just make sure you use a paste variety and not a gel. Squeeze a small amount of the toothpaste onto the stain, then dip the toothbrush in clean water and use it to scrub away the stain. Repeat this process as needed to treat all of the stain(s). Rinse the area and launder the clothing as usual. Now you can steal home plate without a second thought. Incidentally, toothpaste can also remove ink spots with aplomb! [source: Baker]. Who knew?

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