The 5 Most Expensive Toilets Ever (and How to Keep Them Clean)

The Kohler Numi Toilet

Although most of the commodes on this list are too expensive for the average consumer, the Kohler Numi toilet may be in your price range if you insist on comfort, style and functionality. It's a space-age toilet with an impressive sticker price of about $6,400 -- but that includes some pretty fancy features. It looks neat, too. Here's what you'll get for the money:

  • motion-activated lid and seat that opens and closes automatically -- no more girl-guy wrangling about the toilet seat with this baby
  • onboard bidet with integrated air dryer, multiple spray patterns and pressure and temperature adjustment
  • activated charcoal filtration system to control odor even when the toilet is dirty
  • heated seat and foot warmer
  • light panel for midnight bathroom visits
  • sound system with built-in speakers and MP3 docking station
  • touchscreen remote with onboard charger

Although the Kohler Numi (we really want to call this a personal care system) is pretty darned amazing, it doesn't clean itself. If you can afford to buy one of these status symbol toilets, though, you probably have a maid who'll be happy to clean it for you.