The 5 Most Expensive Toilets Ever (and How to Keep Them Clean)

Moon River Art Park Toilet -- Shanghai, China

You've probably seen this toilet mentioned before. We like it because it's so darned eco-friendly. It's constructed inside a man-made grotto about 30 minutes from downtown Shanghai. It's actually situated in an art park featuring one of the largest collections of outdoor sculpture in all of Asia.

Calling this artistic wonder a bathroom inside a cave just doesn't do justice to its $750,000 construction cost. The Moon River Art Park toilet is part of a 10,000-foot manmade cave within the park that's open to the public as a functioning restroom every day of the year. It took a crew of sculptors more than a year to build it, and if you like stalactites, you'll love the look of this bat-friendly loo. You won't be alone in enjoying it, either. On a busy day, 10,000 guests visit the park, and most of them use the facilities. Enjoy the flush. It's like no other on Earth. Oh, and when these toilets get dirty, well, with so much dirt and rock as a distraction, who'd know?