How to Clean Your Home Furnishings

Cleaning Books and Compact Discs

Books and CDs rarely require heavy cleaning, but they appreciate a dusting now and then. And dusting is only part of the battle. Here are some pointers for keeping your books and CDs in good condition:

  • If you arrange books at the front of shelves, air will be able to circulate around the books to prevent mustiness.
  • Protect books from direct sunlight, which will fade the bindings and cause them to deteriorate.
  • Leather-bound books should be treated periodically with a light oil so that the leather won't crack.
  • To remove grease stains from books, rub the affected areas with soft white bread crumbs.
  • Dry out the moisture in a damp book by sprinkling the pages with cornstarch. Let it sit overnight, then brush the cornstarch out.
  • Avoid exposing compact discs to direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  • To clean grease or oil spots from a CD, use a soft cloth dipped in ethyl alcohol, then wipe dry. Always wipe from the center of the disc outward.
  • Dust, dirt, or fingerprints can cause CDs to skip. Blow lightly on the disc to remove any dust, then wipe lightly with a soft cloth to clean.

In the next section, we'll shed light on how to clean another home furnishing: lamp shades.