How to Clean Your Home Furnishings

Cleaning Pianos

A piano should be treated with respect and care. Have it tuned by a licensed piano tuner approximately four times the first year for a new piano, semiannually for an older model, and whenever the piano is moved from one location to another. In addition to making sure your piano continues to sound good, you want it to look good. Here are some steps to take to ensure its lasting beauty:

  • Dust the piano case regularly with a soft cloth.
  • Use a nonsilicone furniture polish or wax on the case of a piano that has a varnish or lacquer finish.
  • A piano that has a high-gloss polyester epoxy finish can be cleaned with a cloth and buffed; it should never be waxed or rubbed with furniture polish.
  • Remove stubborn stains from ivory or plastic keys with a cloth dipped in baking soda, being careful not to let the soda fall between the keys. Wipe the keys with another cloth and buff.

In the next section, we'll examine how to clean the decorative objects in your home.