How to Maximize Storage Space

Garage Storage Tips

The garage is a prime place for storage, so let's make sure you're using that space most effectively. Here are tips.

  • Hang as many items as possible on the walls to maximize floor space.
  • Install shelves or cabinets on the top half of the garage's front wall. Make sure you install them high enough so that the hood of your car can tuck under the shelves.
  • Install a platform across the garage ceiling joints to create a large storage place for infrequently used items.
  • Store nails and screws in glass or plastic baby food jars.
  • Use a metal garbage can to store yard tools with long handles. Hooks can also be attached to the outside of the can for hanging smaller tools. You can lift the whole can and move it to which-ever part of the yard you're working in.

We've covered strategies for maximizing storage efficiency in your home and garage -- and even between the studs of a wall. Now go forth and multiply -- your storage space, that is.

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