Measuring and Marking Tools

By: Fix-It Club
Measuring and marking tools will provide you with precise measurements and even placement during your next home repair project. See more pictures of hand tools.

Just about every home repair project calls for accurate measurements. That's why it's important to have an arsenal of measuring and marking tools.

The links at the bottom of this page will take you to articles about basic measuring and marking tools. These tools take all the guesswork out of repair, and bring exactitude to everything from hanging pictures to building furniture.


Read about these measuring and marking tools:

Tape Measure

Length, width, and height are at your fingertips with this helpful strip of inches and centimeters.


For straight edges and right angles, a square is a helpful device.


The tiny bubbles in a level will help you to keep objects truly horizontal and vertical.

Chalk Line

A pluck of the string will give you a puff of chalk and an instant straight line.

Stud Finder

Though studs are hidden behind the wall, this device can track them down for you.


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