Perennials for Moist Soil

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Primrose, which comes in many colors, is a perennial for moist soil. See more pictures of perennials.

Depending on where you live, your soil may be damper than the average yard. If that is the case, we'd suggest that you plant perennials for moist soil.

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On this page, we've included a list of perennials for moist soil. Be sure to check with your local garden center to ensure these perennials can grow well in your area. We've included perennials for moist soil, as well as perennials for average and moist soil for your next gardening project.

Blue to Purple Moist Soil Perennials:

White to Green Perennials for Moist Soil:

Multicolor Perennials for Moist Soil:

Pink to Fuchsia Perennials for Moist Soil:


Yellow to Orange Perennials for Moist Soil:


Moist to Average Soil Perennials:

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