Vegetable Garden Soil

Analysis of Organic Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens

Manure is one source for organic fertilizer.
Manure is one source for organic

A variety of organic fertilizers are available to vegetable gardeners. Different fertilizers are good for different soil deficiencies; because these fertilizers tend to be unbalanced, you'll probably want to use a mix of two or more fertilizers to meet your soil needs.

Analysis of Organic Fertilizers
Fertilizer N-P-K*
Dried Blood 13-1.5-0
Kelp 3-22-0
Cottonseed Meal 6-2.6-2
Cattle Manure 0.5-0.3-0.5
Horse Manure 0.6-0.3-0.5
Chicken Manure 0.9-0.5-0.8
* (N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorus, K = Potassium)

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