Yellow to Orange Perennial Flowers

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A movie may have a cast of dozens of supporting actors, with hundreds of crew members working behind the scenes to bring the story to the silver screen. In the end, though, all eyes are on the star. It's the glamorous diva or the handsome stranger who gets all of the attention.

A bright flower can be the star of your garden. You'll be automatically drawn to a bloom that looks dramatically different from its surroundings. This is why perennial flowers in shades of yellow and orange can have such a strong impact on the design of a garden. Whether they are part of a natural garden of wildflowers, or a carefully-chosen component in a formal display, the boldness and brightness of yellow to orange perennial flowers will make a strong statement.


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The list below groups yellow to orange perennial flowers by their sun requirements. It comes as no surprise that some very bright blossoms need a great deal of sunlight in order to thrive. However, as you will see, there are flashy flowers that can grow quite happily in a shadier spot, glowing like a candle in the dark. Talk with your local garden center, and find out which of these perennials is the best fit in your garden plan.


Yellow to Orange Perennial Flowers for Full Sun:

Yellow to Orange Perennial Flowers for Partial Shade:

Yellow to Orange Perennial Flowers for Full Sun or Partial Shade:


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