10 Must-have Tools for Any Workshop

You might thing they're just for smash-and-grab operations, but crowbars have legit uses in the construction world. Zoonar RF/ThinkStock

Watch nearly any action movie and you'll see a bad guy with a crowbar, right? Perhaps. Turns out, what often is believed to be a crowbar actually isn't. A crowbar is a steel bar with one end culminating in a flat wedge. Its opposite end may bend at a slight angle and end either in a dull point or in a wedge with a split in the middle.

What you'll see on the screen has a more dramatic appearance. Like many of its cousins, this steel bar has a split beak at one end, like a crow's foot. However, unlike a true crowbar, the other end has a shepherd's hook. It's called a wrecking bar [source: Brians].

Kevin Bacon and six degrees of separation aside, either one of these tools would serve you well in your workshop -- especially when you have some demolition to do. Both are good aids when you need to pry loose boards or pull nails out of wood, and unless you're a construction expert, you'll find crowbars and wrecking bars work about the same.

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