Annual Flowers

The encyclopedia of annuals helps you identify a multitude of annuals. Learn the facts from the encyclopedia of annuals before planting your own garden.

Just because the winter is coming doesn't mean that your geraniums will be lost. Learn about how to preserve geraniums in this article.

According to the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the pansy is most certainly not delicate. Learn more about pansies from this article.

You'd like to plant some petunias, but don't know how to care for them. Learn about how to care for petunias in this article.

Annuals are primed to germinate quickly when conditions are right, grow speedily, and then make loads of flowers, fruits, roots and seeds. Learn all about annual flowers by checking out this annual flower pictures image gallery. You may get some ideas.

Asparagus fern is an attractive plant with star-shaped flowers that turn into pretty red and purple berries. Learn how to grow the asparagus fern in the garden and as a house plant.

American marigold is the largest of the marigolds. Great height and large flowers add loads of glowing color to flower beds, containers, and borders. Read more about this popular annual.

French marigolds are among the most popular annuals in American gardens. They come in an array of glowing yellows, oranges, golden, and reds and are often multicolored. Read about these garden favorites.

Love lies bleeding is a variety of Amaranthus with brightly colored ropes of flowers in red, white or bright green. They grow rapidly in hot weather with many colors and textures. Read more about this tropical foliage.

Snowstorm bacopa is a new annual in the U.S. It has hundreds of small white flowers on cascading stems and grows well in both sun and shade. Read more about this Proven Winner.

Rose balsam is an old-fashioned flower with narrow, elongated leaves and cup-shaped flowers of white, purple, pink, or red. Read how to grow, propagate, and use this widely adaptable and generously flowing annual.

Cobbity daisy is originally a product of the University of Sydney, Australia. They are naturally compact and need no pinching to grow full with single to double daisylike flowers. Read more about this great annual.

Dracaena, or spike plant, was traditionally considered a houseplant, but has now moved outside as an annual. The leaves add great height and texture to any garden scenery. Read about this fascinating plant.

Fountain grass has tender leaves of both green and purple adorned by beautiful pinkish flower spikes in late summer. Read about how these grasses can add texture and great color to your garden.

Mexican zinnia thrives in hot weather and grows upright to 24 inches high. It bears golden, orange, or red flowers all season and looks similar to marigolds. Read more about this charming choice.

Moonflowers make a lovely display for a twilight stroll because they open in the evenings and reflect the moonlight. They grow quickly and rapidly stretch their vines up to 15 feet long. Read more about this mysterious flower.

Musk mallow is a flower for ornamental gardens. Each flower lasts only a single day, but the profusion of buds provides a continuous show of color. Read more about this brightly colored flower.

Common sage has lovely leathery, silver leaves and is also available in tricolor variegated forms that make handsome foliage plants. The oval leaves are hairy and fragrant. Read more about this hardy shrub.

Scaveola, also called fairy fan-flower, has blue to purple flowers shaped like fans. It is pretty in hanging baskets, or for use as ground cover. Read how to grow and care for scaveola

Signet marigolds are old-fashioned flowers with delicate texture and a delightfully fragrant foliage. They have tiny flowers only a half inch in diameter. Read more about this marvelous flower.

Statice, or sea lavender, is the perfect flower for cutting and drying. They make beautiful upright accents in mixed flower gardens, and are great for attracting butterflies. Read about these lovely flowers.

Vining petunias are a new type of petunias, whose flowers emerge from top to bottom. They are low maintenance and are ideal for hanging baskets. Read about other uses for vining petunias.

Gypsy baby's breath is an airy bush covered with petite flowers in hues from white to carmine. The flowers will bloom for an extended period. Learn more about this effective border plant.

Thunbergia, also known as Black-Eyed Susan Vine or Clock Vine, climbs to heights of 8 feet. Petals of white, yello, orange, or cram fan around dar "eyes." Learn about thkis fantastic trellising plant.

Torenia, or wishbone flower, fond of muggy climates, grows into a short, bush-like clump. Flowers come in many colors and look like snapdragons. Learn about using torenia in a formal garden bed.

English wallflower, a pleasant-smelling flower, comes in a variety of colors, including double. It can continue flowering indoors in winter. Learn about how to display English wallflower.