Construction Planning

Construction planning sounds dull compared to swinging a sledge hammer at a wall, but it is far more important. Construction planning lets builders estimate and purchase the correct amount of tools and materials needed for the job at hand.

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How to Tile a Shower Floor

You want to tile a shower floor, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to tile a shower floor in this article.

How to Square a Building

Before any major remodeling job, you have to accurately measure the work space. Learn about how to square a building in this article.

How to Measure a Roof for Shingles

Putting new shingles on your roof requires accurate measurements. Learn about how to measure a roof for shingles in this article.

How to Measure Carpeting for Stairs

You'd like to measure carpeting for your stairs, but don't know how to go about this. This article will teach you how to measure carpeting for stairs.

How to Level a Concrete Floor

You need to level a rough concrete floor. Find out here just how to level a concrete floor.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is like a model of an idea for a new product. Learn what prototypes are in this article.

How do you interview a prospective contractor?

When interviewing a prospective contractor, ask about his business history, supervision, scheduling, warranties and payment. Find out how to interview a prospective contractor in this article.

Why doesn't my contractor have his own staff?

Contractors hire subcontractors, experts on each part of a construction project, because it's cheaper than having an extensive staff on the payroll. Learn why your contractor doesn't have his own staff in this article.

What's the worst that can happen if you rush your construction project?

Rushing a construction project can lead to leaky roofs, basement flooding, cracked foundations, leaky windows and mold. Learn about the possible consequences of rushing your construction project in this article.

Top 5 Things That Go Wrong in Too-Fast Construction

More than two million homes were built at the height of the housing boom. That means that a lot of contractors had to construct a lot of homes -- and cut a few corners -- to fulfill an insatiable demand. Of course, some things went wrong. Here are five possible culprits.

What's a shotgun house?

Shotgun houses are modestly built and constructed in very close proximity to one another. Despite their simplicity, they are ornately decorated -- and culturally significant.

Home Construction Pictures

You may be sitting in your house this very second, but do you have any idea what it took to build it? From foundation to framing, these home construction pictures will show you the stages of building a house.

Why hire a contractor if subcontractors do all the work?

You meet with a contractor to go over the plans and budgets. He shows up to start the job, and he's got three different companies with him. So what are you paying him for?

How Log Cabin Kits Work

Today's log cabins can come equipped with polished hardwood floors, great rooms, cathedral ceilings, picture windows, two-car garages, septic-tank plumbing, solar panels and floor plans of up to 5,000 square feet.

How to Tint Your Home's Windows

Driving up next to a limousine with dark tinted windows can make you wonder if there's an actor or athlete inside. While they're usually looking for privacy, the same tints are being applied to home windows -- but for very different reasons.

How to Build Pole Barns

Pole barns are some of the simplest and cheapest structures to build. Do you have what it takes to construct your own?

How to Build Porch Stairs

Building stairs is a tough job, even if it's just a short porch staircase. You should attempt it only if you have carpentry experience and feel comfortable with the project.

How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps allow disabled people access to places they might not otherwise be able to go. Read up on how to build one safely and correctly.

What is a carport?

Your garage is so packed with stuff that your car has to sit outside and get pummeled by the elements. A carport might be the solution to your problems.

Tips for Grouting Tile

You consider yourself a pretty good do-it-yourselfer. But now you're ready for a real test: grouting tile.

How do I install attic vents?

Your house is uncomfortably hot in the summer. And energy costs seem sky high and climbing. What can you do to beat the heat and ease spending? You may want to consider installing an attic vent.

How to Install Fiberglass Shingles

If you have to get the buckets every time it rains, you should consider re-doing your roof. Installing a roof can be a job for pros, but if you want a challenge or a way to save some money, perhaps you'd like to try installing the roof yourself.

How to Install French Doors

Looking to add some light between two drab, dark rooms? Or maybe you like the openness of your patio doors but want something with more design than your average sliding glass door? French doors might be the perfect fit for your renovation.

Installing a Fiberglass Shower and Tub Surrounds

If you have tile walls, or the bathroom's just starting to look dingy, you may want to install a fiberglass shower and tub surrounds. These are durable and easy to clean, and you may be able to handle the installation yourself.

How Garage Door Installation Works

If you've installed a replacement door or two around your home, it seems pretty simple -- all it takes is tightening a couple of screws and you're done. Installing the largest door in your house, however, is not quite so simple.