How to Arrange Flowers

Making a Flower Foil Basket

A Styrofoam cup holds water for foil baskets.

A great pleasure in life is sharing flowers -- flowers from the garden or the florist, or a combination of the two. The container is not as important as the thought, although the container sometimes can overwhelm the flowers.

For May Day or any day, a small basket of flowers hung secretly on a door can give a friend something pleasant to think about for the rest of the day.


A simple container can be made from a sheet of aluminum foil and a recycled Styrofoam cup. Place a Styrofoam cup on a sheet of foil about two and one-half feet long. Then, turn the foil up on each side of the cup and tuck it in.

To form a handle, partially crush the long ends and slip one end into the other. Then, squeeze the ends tightly together. Pieces of evergreens or other greenery can be stuck in the basket to support the flowers.

Foil baskets of flowers make lovely gifts.

This is a charming way to use short-stemmed flowers or to send the ends of a large arrangement off on a last fling.

In the next section, learn the art of creating one of the most popular kinds of arrangements. Read our step-by-step instructions for making corsages.

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