How to Arrange Flowers

Using a Water Pick to Arrange Flowers

Foliage plants grow orchids? Yes, with a water pick.

A water pick is a plastic container with a pointed end that can be stuck into the soil in a planter or into the straw or moss in a wreath. Water picks are filled with water and the top is covered with a tight fitting, rubber cap that has a hole in the center through which the flower stem or stems can be inserted.

Water picks also can be used to keep flowers fresh when you want to put them on trees, hats, or packages. When you want to put flowers in an arrangement beyond the reach of their natural stems, water picks can be taped or wired to the ends of long sticks.


A very large water pick or cone, filled with water, set in the top of a huge arrangement, makes it possible to add flowers for height and for a full top. Water picks also allow you to add a little extra something to a plant or a planter being sent for a special occasion.

Since indoor plants usually are selected for their foliage rather than for their flowers, a water pick makes it possible for plants to make a spectacular first impression.

An orchid in a water pick.

Stick an orchid into a planter sent to celebrate a housewarming. Add some baby's breath and a sweetheart rose in a wicker basket planted with ivy for a new mother, or add a couple of daisies to the desk plant of someone returning to the office after vacation.

Now that you've learned about flower arranging, it's time to create your very own container. See the next section for instructions on making a flower foil basket.

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