How to Arrange Flowers

How to Make a Floral Pet Poodle

This poky pet poodle is adorable. And you don't have  to walk him, either.

The fanciful floral pet poodle shown here is not hard to make.

Materials needed:
Some materials needed to make a floral pet poodle.
  • For head: 2 large standard mums (1 for top of head and 1 for face)
  • For ears: 10 pompon mums (5 for each ear, decreasing in size to tapered tips)
  • For eyes and nose: 3 large, black, artificial grapes strung on wires or pieces of black felt on pins
  • For tongue: 1 piece of red felt cut to size attached to a wire or pin
  • For bow for top of head: 2 to 3 feet of half-inch ribbon made into a bow and wired on a wooden pick
  • For container: tape, wire, floral foam, greens, and flowers to finish off the arrangement

To construct: Tape the floral foam to the container. Be sure you have room to add water. Add water.


Wire the two large mums together so one mum is the top of the head and the other is the face of the poodle. Make the ears by bending a piece of wire into a U and running it through the smallest of the small mums.

Then slip it through the four increasingly larger mums. Repeat the process to make the second ear. Wire the ears to the head. Insert the head into the floral foam.

Two large mums create the poodle's head. Ears are small mums wired together.

Add greens to cover the floral foam and to hide the back of the poodle's neck. Add the eyes, nose, tongue, and bow. Arrange flowers on the base.

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