How to Arrange Flowers

How to Make a Bouquet

Learn how to make regal cascading bouquets.

Bouquets are large corsages or wired flower arrangements designed to be carried. The construction principles are the same as those used in corsages.

The flowers -- or sometimes groups of flowers such as rosebuds and gypsophila -- and foliage are wired individually and then combined into a nosegay or a cascading bouquet.


After wiring the individual parts, the bouquet is arranged in the hand and then a wire is twisted around all the individual wires to hold them together.

After the wires are trimmed off and all the loose ends are smoothed down, the wire handle is bent so the bouquet can be carried comfortably. Then, the whole stem or handle is wrapped with ribbon.

Making a Bow

For a simple bow (two loops and two ends), cut the material a bit longer than three times the desired length of the bow. Fold the ribbon into thirds, loop the wire or string around the center of the ribbon, and wrap it tight. Pull the bow to shape and trim the ends.

For a fancy, 12-loop bow, you will need about three feet of half-inch ribbon. Fold the ribbon into three-inch lengths, loop the wire or string around the center, and pull tight.

A bow adds a lovely touch to bouquets and nosegays.

Shape the loops and trim the ends. Depending on the size, the bow can be used on a corsage or to decorate a large arrangement. If you are going to use a bow in an arrangement, wire it to a stake so you can put the bow anywhere you wish.

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