How to Arrange Flowers

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Flowers have played a large part in our history since ancient times. Primitive man used the juices of flowers and plants to beautify his face, his body, and his cave.

The ancient inhabitants of northern Great Britain, called the Picts (picti-painted people) by the Romans, wore a blue dye made from the leaves of Isatis tinctoria (woad) with little else on formal occasions.


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Still, it was mostly for their ability to nourish and heal the spirit that man came to love flowers so dearly.

In ancient Egypt, flowers of many kinds were used for personal and household adornment on special occasions. Lotus blossoms were a favorite. Garlands of them were worn around the head and neck, carried in the hand, or draped about temples on festive occasions. Stylized lotus designs were incorporated in the capitals of columns, in jewelry, on furniture and walls.

Certain ceremonies required flowers as part of the offering to the gods, or part of the funerary equipment of any well set-up pharaoh. When the inner case of King Tut's sarcophagus was opened in 1924, a small nosegay of field flowers was found resting on his chest.

Today, even if one is not up on all of the subtle meanings of flowers, a gift of flowers provides beauty for the eye, peace for the spirit, and a warm feeling of friendship. In this article we'll teach you how to arrange flowers and use them in unusual ways.

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