Don't cry for the onion! This hardy, heathly vegetable is a great addition to your diet and your vegetable garden -- it grows well in many climates, and there are lots of varieties to choose from. In this article, we'll talk about growing onions, onion types, selecting and serving onions, and the health benefits of onions.

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Onions are biennial vegetables, but they are more commonly grown as annuals.
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Onions are hardy biennial vegetables that are usually grown as annuals. They have hollow leaves, and the base of the stem enlarges to form a bulb. The bulbs vary in color from white to yellow or red. The flower stalk is also hollow, taller than the leaves, and topped with a cluster of white or lavender flowers.

Common Name: Onion
Scientific Name: Allium cepa
Hardiness: Very hardy (will survive first frost)

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