10 Must-have Tools for Any Workshop

What tools should a well-stocked tool box have? See more home construction pictures. iStockphoto/Thinkstock

From ancient Archimedes' early descriptions of lever and pulley systems to Greek philosophers who recorded wheel and axle mechanisms, humans have a substantial history involving hand tools. Using an aide to bore, strike, cut, measure or hold has become an essential ingredient in human progress; hence, the home workshop filled with timeworn hand tools.

We admit, outfitting your workshop with handsaws and hammers may feel antiquated, but there are just some jobs that can't be accomplished with a power tool. For a well-stocked workspace, you'll need a few multipurpose tools for routine home maintenance or the occasional DIY improvement project.

And, thanks to this roster of perpetually expedient hand tools, you won't even need to take out a second mortgage to feel like you've mastered your domain. No matter your skill level or experience, these 10 will prove, well, handy.