Annuals Garden Design

Image Gallery: Annual Flowers An annuals garden fills your landscape withblooms throughout the growing season. See more pictures of annual flowers.

When designing an annuals garden, you'll need to consider factors such as color, shape, scope, and texture, as well as whether to intermingle your annuals with other types of plants. In this article, we'll discuss laying out an annuals garden, mingling annuals with other plantings, beginning annuals design, advanced annuals design, other design uses for annuals, and annuals design tips.

Designing your garden with annuals gives lots of importance to flower color. Annuals offer flower color for a longer period of time than other plant types, for they are constantly in bloom. They are often used in complex plans. Clumps look better than rows or thin lines. Arrange tall types toward the back and shorter types in front. In island beds, taller types go in the center because the beds are seen from all sides. Random mixtures of like plants in different colors are usually less successful than clumps of one color contrasted with clumps of another, in the color scheme you have chosen.

Keep design factors such as color, form, texture, and scale in mind with the assurance that annuals will perform their role in the design in a stable fashion, not changing that much from week to week. Whatever your style, whether casual or formal, annuals are excellent sources of accents and colors for great garden effects.

Now that you've settled on annuals for your garden, you're ready to get started with your design. On the next page, learn about laying out an annuals garden.

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