How to Declutter Your House

Benefits of Decluttering Your House

Clutter is almost always a part of everyone's life -- how you manage it will affect your overall health.
Clutter is almost always a part of everyone's life -- how you manage it will affect your overall health.
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Some of the benefits of decluttering your home are obvious and immediate. Chief among them are saving time and avoiding the stress of hunting for misplaced items. Others may be less noticeable, but are equally valuable.

First, your home is probably safer and healthier. Besides eliminating tripping and falling risks, a clean, clutter-free environment helps in managing allergies and asthma [source: Lucille Packard Children's Hospital].

Organizing your home can also save money. You'll be less likely to buy replacements for misplaced items. At the same time, you can identify items you do need and plan purchases when they best fit your budget. You can avoid paying late fees on lost bills that resurface a week past due.

Decluttering can be environmentally friendly. For instance, junk mail takes the lives of 100 million trees a year, not to mention the other resources used to create and deliver it [source: Erie County Department of Environment and Planning]. Reducing food waste can have a similar effect all along the chain, from farmer to table [source: ScienceDaily]. Items that don't enter your house in the first place won't wind up in a landfill as their last place.

Decluttering your home can provide goods to people in need. Your unwanted clothes can warm people in cold weather. Extra appliances can help a family that has lost everything in a house fire. Social service agencies can sell less practical items to fund their programs.

Finally, there's the pride and satisfaction of taking control of at least one corner of your life. Instead of taking security in how many things you have, you feel self-assurance in knowing how few things you really need.

As long as you have stuff, you'll have to contend with the forces of clutter. With time and commitment, you can arm yourself with the confidence and skills to keep clutter in its place.