How Professional Organizers Work: When should you hire one?

Look familiar? That's not a good sign.
Look familiar? That's not a good sign.
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Alice kept "The Brady Bunch" household functioning like a well-oiled machine, but not everyone enjoys the luxury of being able to employ a fulltime housekeeper who can dedicate his or her energy to cleaning up clutter and keeping stuff organized. As a result, households often contain all manner of disorganized disaster zones like home offices, pantries or closets. Workplaces, too, frequently suffer from organizational issues that diminish output, hinder work performance or just make being at the office unpleasant.

It's in situations like these that professional organizers can be of assistance. Not only will a high-quality professional organizer help address specific problem areas, he or she will also help educate clients so they can continue to stay organized going forward.

The services of professional organizers are typically categorized into three broad genres: residential organization, home office organization and corporate organization. Of course those general classifications often include many potential services, some of which occasionally overlap. On the next couple pages, we'll take a closer look at the general services to help you determine whether your situation could benefit from the attentions of an expert organizer or if it's something you should be able to handle on your own.