Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Tasteful Decor

©Kohler Co. To master this look in your own home, limit accessories and consider classically designed fixtures that offer modern bonuses.

Black-framed art is a modern touch in a room that's traditional in tone. Combining strong points of classic and contemporary design, this bath captures the divine style of old-world elegance without coming across as being stodgy.

On the contrary, all the fixtures from the whirlpool and toilet to the sink exude a high-style profile that's just right for today's architecture. White fixtures endure, remember, no matter how tastes may change. Toss in a handful of gleaming chrome accents and a pearly gray marble floor for a bit of elegance, and the recipe is complete.

The soft green walls may whisper that this is a space very much in step with the times, but green in one shade or another has never been out of style. And on top of all this good design, there's the light. Every bath benefits from natural light, and this one, with an undressed window, has more than its fair share.

Use the decorating guidelines in the next section to ensure your bathroom is not only stylish, but safe for everyone who uses it.

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