Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Glamor Bath

©Kohler A massive built-in marble vanity inset with a pair of squared-off sink bowls creates an austere and handsome design.

If you're in the market for a really fabulous, totally modern bath, this one offers great inspiration. But it also exhibits the intelligent use of design concepts that can work just as well in a smaller room.

For example,­ this bath is obviously large, but even a small space will look bigger if you keep the vanity, walls, and flooring in the same light tones and smooth textures.

If marble or solid-surfacing materials are outside the realm of your budget, there are plenty of good-looking laminates in pale, creamy tones to choose from.

Frameless mirrors are proven winners in creating a more spacious, brighter atmosphere; here, a row of mirrored medicine cabinets offers storage as well as dazzle.

©Kohler A circular skylight echoes the line of the curved shower wall, balancing the array of square ad rectangular shapes elsewhere in the bathroom.

You may not have room for this many cabinets, but try a triptych (three-section) mirrored cabinet on one wall with the same model on the opposite or adjacent wall, and see how the space opens up.

©Kohler A built-in banquette seat, comfortably upholstered in moisture-resistant fabric in the same color as the walls utilizes the classic roll pillows popular since ancient Roman times.

The smooth curves of this glamor bathroom aren't the only way to create a striking design. Continue to the next page to find out how jagged edges of quartzite can capture a stunning, contemporary look with just a few simple tiles.

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