Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Fresh and New

©Geberit/McHale & Koepke An oval pedestal sink makes a sleek, pleasingly sculptural statement in any contemporary bath.

Modern designs seem most successful when they take maximum advantage of what contemporary style stands for: a free-spirited, aesthetically honest, and technologically savvy approach to creating an environment for living.

In this space, a fresh green-and-white color scheme couldn't be simpler; sparked with a few metallic accents, it's youthful and interesting without being overly dramatic.

Perhaps the most remarkable element in this bath is one of the least obtrusive: the toilet. A European design, this wall-hung toilet is height-adjustable, making it comfortable for taller users.

The plumbing works are built into the wall, so it's best suited for a renovation or new construction rather than a simple fixture-replacement project.

©Gerberit/McHale & Koepke For the ultimate in clean-cut design, the height-adjustable toilet's tank is built right into the wall, saving up to 9 inches of room and making the sleekest possible visual statement.

The rest of the suite carries through this clean-lined, elegantly simple design. And the look isn't limited to contemporary settings: Since bathroom fixtures as we know them didn't exist during most historical periods, you may prefer these unobtrusive models even in a traditional décor.

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