Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Accessible and Stylish

©Kohler Vanity counter tops at two heights accommodate homeowners with different needs; the lower sink is idea for children and wheelchair users.

Yellow and green, nature's most bright and hopeful colors, work nicely together in this bath that proves universal accessibility can go hand-in-hand with style. The citrus tones lend a cheery, youthful air, while the neutral tones of cabinets and counter tops offer a soothing counterpoint.

This savvy space features a double vanity with counters and sinks at two heights, and instead of fixed storage below that might get in the way, the cabinets roll on casters. Gooseneck faucets and wing-handled controls add to the free-spirited look.

Even small, practical details contribute to the good looks of this space: Satin-finished grab bars mounted all around the shower stall make a gleaming, useful accent; similar bars hold towels on the front of the vanities.

©Kohler This roll-in shower, tiled in happy tones, is fun and spacious enough for any user.

Other colors and finishes could be used to create a more traditional atmosphere, but these elements and ideas are all adaptable to just about any bath. It's even adaptable to a bathroom with no coloring at all! Learn how to make a bright white space work with style on the next page.

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