Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Southwest Ranch

©Kohler Streamlined modern fixtures like this sink and toilet have a timeless sculptural look when set against natural materials.

A bath in a vacation home, especially one with great vistas all around, seems made for the kind of sculptural, timeless design these two rooms exhibit. While the materials are ageless, their strong, simple good looks, relying more on texture than on artifice, create a rather contemporary mood.

The mix is one of free-spiritedness, but with a certain comfort. In one bath here, weathered wood, rough-cut stone, and strategically placed beams work together to create a simple, striking room.

In a space like this, a great view easily takes on the starring role. In the other bath, rounded, playful architecture and some carefully placed niches for classical reference lend a fresh look to exposed brick and other rustic elements.

In this setting, whimsical accents and freestanding furniture add to the rich yet unassuming look. There are all kinds of comfort, and these baths illustrate just how easy to live with -- and how sophisticated -- rustic style can be.

If romantic settings are more to your liking than the rural decor of the southwest, continue to the next page to find out how to create a period-piece bathroom within budget.

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