Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Parisian Styling Bedroom

©Dennis Jenkins & Associates Interior and Furniture Design An assembly of colors taken from an Impressionist's palette says French loud and clear.

This beguiling French provincial bedroom has an upbeat atmosphere that speaks to our country's often practical, less romantic nature.

For example, the bed's curvy shape and floral covering in a sun-warmed shade of yellow are traditional. And, so is the lighthearted blend of supportive pillow fabrics. But, the two striped patterns (horizontal and vertical) that dress the windows and glass doors are modern and straightforward.

Instead of painted furniture in light tones like that which is often seen in this type of room, the decorative finish on the wall-mounted cupboard, nightstand, and desk is a watery blue to match the come-hither chair snuggling in the corner.

In step with our newest determination to pare down to essentials, polished wood floors are left bare and accessories are minimized -- no urns or artifacts, just family pictures and well-loved knickknacks. Foregoing a beautiful chandelier, too, the owners have opted for functional wall-mounted lamps.

So far we've looked at adult bedroom décor, but next, find out how to turn a girl's bedroom into a pretty-in-pink paradise. The next section has a number of practical decorating ideas.

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