Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Traditional European Style Bedroom
©Gail Green for Green & Co., Inc. Pretty details and gold accents lend a European flair to this room.

This is most certainly a lady's chambers. Although this bedroom is very feminine, it could also accommodate a man. The meticulous attention to details makes it less froufrou and more elegantly Swedish.

To conjure a similar ambience in your bedroom, look to a combination of blue and white, light-painted furnishings, and accents of gold, be it mirrors, picture frames, lamps, or a dainty foot stool you gild yourself.

©Gail Green for Green & Co., Inc. A ceiling mural adds dimension.

The marriage on the wall of decorative paint and paper makes the high-ceilinged room more inviting by shortening the wall. And the repeated use of pattern -- on the window seat, the upholstered bed, and the generous balloon shade -- also helps to cozy up the space.

Still, the magnificent painted ceiling is the icing on the cake. It's no coincidence that the rug -- layered over the sisal carpet -- is almost a match. Details are what makes this grand bedroom so remarkable and so very pretty.

For a completely different bedroom theme, check out the seaworthy décor in the next section of this article.

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