Construction is happening all around the world. Construction may bother people but without it, none of the world's great cities would exist. Gain an appreciation for construction by learning about the planning, materials and projects involved.

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Papercrete is a lightweight alternative to regular concrete that incorporates would-be trash paper into its mix. But what are the benefits and limitations of such a concoction, and is it green?

By Jacob Clifton

Strong, well-enforced building codes can save lives and reduce property damage in the event of a natural disaster. But who sets these standards? And how are they enforced?

By Chris Warren

Worried about getting burned on your upcoming home construction project? Here are some golden ways to save money.

By Becky Striepe


When you see a fire burning buildings on TV, do you ever wonder why some remain standing and others fold? Concrete has a lot to do with it.

By Colleen Cancio

If you're tempted to choose a countertop for its form, stop to consider its function, too -- or it may not look nice for long. What surfaces do best?

By Laurie L. Dove

Looking for a DIY project? Prebuilt cabinets aren't quite endlessly useful, but there's no need to confine these storage solutions to kitchens alone.

By Laurie L. Dove

It's tough to read house plans when they're thick with seemingly cryptic symbols. How can you interpret their mysterious language?

By Garth Sundem


Pretty much anyone can learn to paint drywall. However, to get the best results, you should follow a specific process -- which includes a certain amount of prep work. What steps should you take before starting your paint job?

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Renovating your home is a big job. But making a mistake before or during construction can make the job even bigger. Here are 10 to avoid.

By Becky Striepe

Choosing a contractor is tricky enough without adding "green" to the conundrum. What should you know to make the best selection?

By Garth Sundem

Once upon a time, all residential building was eco-friendly, from yurts to adobe dwellings. Green housing's time has come again -- and this time, with some nifty technologies in tow.

By Gerlinda Grimes


Want to build or renovate in a environmentally friendly way? You're going to need the right contractor for the job.

By Thomas Moore

If building green is so good for the environment, why isn't it required?

By Brian Boone

It's easy to rail against the new big thing, but prefab homes aren't that new or (in the U.S.) widely popular. So how have they affected the industry?

By Allison Wachtel

You want to do the right thing by building green. But will you be able to insure your home without paying an arm and a leg?

By Garth Sundem


How are cities coping with population increases and construction demands? We've got 10 of the most environmentally conscious urban spaces for you to consider.

By Jeff Harder

The Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract passes any cost savings back to the contractee rather than the contractor but it's popular with both parties. Why is that?

By Chris Opfer

Roads that reduce pollution. Self-repairing buildings. It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but nanotechnology is poised to fundamentally change the way we build the world around us.

By Jacob Clifton

Concrete may seem dull and gray. But the superplasticizers in fluid concrete are actually pretty intriguing. How do these little buggers make wet concrete flow like a river?

By Clint Pumphrey


The words "housing crisis" have been on everyone's lips for nearly half a decade, but the residential construction industry seems to be improving. However, is the rate of that recovery something to worry about?

By Linda C. Brinson

Building permits are the way counties, towns and municipalities enforce their codes to ensure that all buildings meet minimum safety and structural standards. When do you need one, and what does the process of getting one entail?

By John Kelly

Green homes have been trendy for some time, but now commercial buildings are getting in on the eco-building act. From living walls to mushroom bricks, check out 10 of the raddest advances in the field.

By Shanna Freeman

The paperwork required for any construction project can cause bigger headaches than the jackhammers that come later. Is building green even more of a pain?

By Laurie L. Dove


Linoleum has something of a reputation for being old-fashioned and drab. But brands such as Marmoleum are proving that the material can be eco-friendly and fun, too.

By Cynthia Pasquale

How to mount a solar panel in 7 steps. Learn how to mount a solar panel in 7 steps with this article.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green