Household Safety Tips

By following general household safety tips, you can ensure that your home is not a danger zone. Learn household safety tips.

Chronic conditions, which are persistent and hard to get rid, can limit what a person is able to do, and they include a wide array of diseases and disorders. So how do you keep a home safe for someone with a chronic condition?

They're supposed to make your home smell like a spring day. But there's nothing fresh about low-grade pollutants. Do air fresheners lighten the scent in the air, or do their cancer-causing chemicals bog down people?

Formaldehyde, PCB, asbestos: You don't want these words associated with your living space. So open the windows and get a breath of fresh air before reading this article.

Think your home is a safe haven? Think again. With all the hazardous chemicals people use in their homes, it may be more polluted indoors than outdoors.

There's a reason a natural gas leak has a rotten egg odor. That stink is meant to signal danger. Any spark -- a match or even a light switch -- could cause a serious explosion.

The United States has nukes, and so does Russia. Iran and North Korea have conducted nuclear tests, as well. In the event of a nuclear attack, what are you supposed to do?

Insulation might look like cotton candy, but it's a little more practical. It's great for keeping your house warm, but some say it's just as bad as asbestos for your health.

Asbestos can be hazardous to your health, but removing it from your home can expose you and your family to the material. What's the safest way to deal with asbestos?

There are a number of potential dangers in every home. Learn which dangers lurk in your home, and the simple precautions you can take to make your home a safer place.

Home accidents are one of the leading causes of death among children and injuries among adults. In many cases, these accidents can be avoided by taking simple precautions. Learn how to prevent accidents in your home.

Performing quick fixes around your home should be satisfying and safe. Learn how to choose safe tools and ladders, how to use them correctly, and how to avoid common injuries.

Storms are a routine occurrence no matter where you live. We generally take them in stride, but they are capable of doing great harm to life and property. Follow these tips on being prepared for storms.

In places where uranium is common in the soil, radon is a popular topic of discussion. Even though radon is "completely natural," it can be a real health hazard. Learn how radon forms and why it is so dangerous.