How to Build Log Furniture

Log furniture will give your space a cozy ambiance with country character. Building furniture is a fun family project. Remember that it's a time consuming task that requires diligence and patience. But in the end, you'll have a piece of furniture built with natural materials, including love. Read on to learn how to build log furniture.



Here's what to do:

  1. Decide what to build. While you can make almost any furniture out of wooden logs, pieces vary in difficulty. Tables are easier while beds and benches require more skill and more materials.
  2. Measure your space. Measure the area where your new log furniture will go. Decide on the furniture's dimensions. Cut your logs with the table saw, using your measurements.
  3. Remove the bark from the cut logs. If your logs have bark on them, remove it with the drawknife [source: Long]. Remember to use gloves for this step, because the knife is sharp. The charm of log furniture lies in the imperfections, so don't worry about knots in the wood or slivers of bark remaining on the logs.
  4. Build your furniture. Start by building the base. If you're making a chair, work on the seat and then the back. Nail the separate pieces to one another with a hammer [source: Wyatt]. Although log furniture needn't be perfect, you will want to make sure your piece sits straight on the floor. You may have to cut the logs with the table saw.
  5. Sand the rough patches Use the sandpaper to smooth any rough patches of wood once your furniture is built.
  6. Varnish the wood Varnish your new piece of furniture. Allow the furniture to dry thoroughly before using it. The varnish will make the wood softer to the touch and will protect it from water damage.